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Why choose Owen’s Tree Service?

The decision to remove any tree is best made with an established service that can provide invaluable insight and advice.

We are fully qualified and very knowledgeable about the huge variety of trees in Perth. Our understanding of the growing patterns and impact of all local trees will give you the information you need to either remove or strategically trim your tree.

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Although it is usually a last resort, there are many reasons to remove a tree from your property entirely. Whether it’s a choice or a necessity we can help you assess the situation and ensure that the job is done quickly, professionally and safely.

Removal of Unwanted Trees

There may be practical reasons for you to want to remove a tree. If you’re renovating your property or changing the landscaping, an established tree may no longer be suitable. It might also just be that a tree has outgrown your property, growing too close to a structure, obstructing your view and your access, or even approaching powerlines.

Palm Tree Removal

Palm trees in particular can dominate your garden as they grow, absorbing a considerable amount of water. Cleaning palms of their flowers and seeds can also become too much of a maintenance burden, meaning that removal is the best option.

Essential Tree Removals

A number of situations can arise as a tree grows that may call for its removal.

Roots may grow to an extent that they damage patios, pathways, or even public roads
Trees may also begin to lean severely, increasing their risk of failing structurally
Old age, disease, pests, or fungal infection may weaken the tree and cause decay, which if it becomes sufficiently established will necessitate removing the tree
Severe storm damage may weaken a tree’s structure, posing a risk for further damage.

The workshop

Professional Assessment

We can calculate the risk posed by your tree and give you the best advice on what approach to take. In some of these instances pruning or lopping may be the best option, but sometimes removal is a necessity.

If removal is the solution, Owen’s Tree Service will ensure that the tree is removed professionally, ensuring no damage is done to your property, your neighbour’s property, or nearby public structures. Our service will also ensure that all debris are removed.

Stump Grinding

An additional step to tree removal is stump grinding. A high-speed cutting disk with metal teeth is used to grind the remains of the tree stump into fragments. This is a key step if any type of disease or fungal infection was present, in order to prevent further contamination. It is also essential if you aim to turf over the area or to use it as a garden bed.

Owen’s Tree Service

Don’t leave the removal of trees to an unqualified ‘cowboy’. This could lead to a disaster such as your property being damaged or worse still, someone being hurt.

Call Owen’s Tree Service and you will get the best advice and safe removal of the tree in question.

  • Established 1982
  • Expertise and advice
  • Prompt professional service
  • Fully insured

Call us today for a free quote and friendly advice. We are a Fremantle based business operating around the Perth metropolitan area.

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